As Mitt Romney Speeds To GOP Nom, Questions About Finances

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney’s speeding toward what looks to be the Republican Presidential Nomination for President. Romney’s just made a GOP Primary sweep, taking Washington DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin on Tuesday, and threatening to leave closest challenger Rick Santorum in the electoral dust.

And with that, Romney’s taking sharper aim at President Obama, but leaving himself wide open for counter attack. For example, the organization has created an interesting infographic that says if Romney were to be elected president, he would be wealthier than all of the last eight presidents combined. Morevover, FrugalDad says that Mitt has “set up millions of dollars in investment funds in the Cayman Islands, a Caribbean tax haven.”

That is coupled with Mitt’s own statement that he pays only the “I pay all the taxes that are legally required and not a dollar more.”


Tax Hackers Infographic

Source: Frugal Dad

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