Oakland School Shooting: One L Goh “Cooperative”

UPDATE: There may be a question on if the photo is of One L Goh, which I got from a TV news broadcast. More later.

The words “Oakland School Shooting” are still a shock to this blogger, because it just seems not right that Oakland should be impacted in that way. Yet, here we are, today.

If you’re not aware of what happened on Monday, Goh went to Oikos University, opened fire, and killed 7 people.

One L. Goh
According to Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, One L. Goh, the 43-year-old man at the center of the Oakland School Shooting, was being “cooperative.” Apparently, according to Chief Jordan’s account on television. And additionally, Jordan said, according to HLN’s American Morning, that Goh showed “no remorse” for what he’d done.

Jordan said – thus clarifying what University founder Pastor Jong Kim was unsure of – that One L Goh was expelled from the school, and “came back looking for someone, and not finding them,” looked for others to shoot. More detail: the person Goh was looking for was an administrator who, as it turned out, wasn’t there. Goh, apparently so filled with rage he was out of his mind, looked for students to kill.


Goh escaped before Oakland Police could arrive to get him. One took a stolen car, drove it to an Alameda Shopping Center, confessed to a clerk, and allowed the police who were notified by that worker to arrest him.

Stay tuned.