Some Things and Other Things-The “Post April Fools” edition:

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62
Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor/Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online.

(Photo-Wikipedia-Team staffs at the 2010 Draft)

Loyalty: it’s a word no one associates with professional football any longer. Today it’s all about the “Dollar signs” ($$$). Usually when I read those I expect to pay more money for a meal in a restaraunt or for tickets to a show.  But with NFL player salaries going up constantly, the teams’ rosters should have $$$’s next to each player’s names. For example, if a player was an Undrafted free agent or a late round selection, he should get 1 dollar sign next to his name, Two dollar signs would go to a mid-round Draft choice who successfully intergrated into his new team and contributed. Three dollar signs goes to a high round selection or expensive free agent. Lastly, four dollar signs should signify an “Over priced” free agent or someone who did not live up to expectations as a draft selection. I think I will call it “Dr. Bill’s NFL Player value ranking system.”  No wonder why the salary cap has increased 7+ times it’s original amount since free agency’s inception in the NFL.


The Draft is only 3 and 1/2 weeks away. Some teams have it together and some just don’t. But you won’t find that out by reading the 157 different mock drafts that are out there right now or will be by Thursday the 26th when the Draft gets underway.


Some teams, Lke the NY Giants, are successful for the most part in how they deal with free agency and players departing because they expect to earn more then the team feels they are worth. They are also one of the teams that know’s how to handle draft board prep. I have always been a big Fan of Mr. Brandon Jacobs, even through his “dfficult” times. Am I disapointed that he could not reach an agreement with the Giants to stay in NY? Sure I am. But it’s just another reality check that football is just as much a business as it is a spectator sport. I fully expect Mr. Reese to find a replacement for hm either in this draft or through free agency. For all we know that player could be on the roster already. When you consider how Jacobs’ production fell off in 2011, he certainly was no longer living up to his prior contract value. It was clearly time to move on. I’m sure he will do well in the bay area at first. Then coach Harbaugh will find out the same thing that coach Coughlin already knows.


Many NFL Players seem to have forgotten that the sport of football is still a team sport, and while there is no “I” in team, there is a “ME”…It all comes down to how your “ME” relates to the “TEAM.”


Looks like this week The NFL and Mr. Goodell will decide if he will uphold the suspensions of Sean Peyton, Mickey Loomis & Joe Vitt in connection with the “Bountygate” scandal. We are also expecting to hear this week on the suspensions of some of the players as well, although NFLPA director DeMauice Smith has complained that the NFL has not provided the PA with enough information on the investigation.


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I’ve decided to ride my new “Adult Electric Assisted” tricycle across country back to NY for the draft. It’s going to take me about 5 weeks since the Trike only maxes out at 21 miles an hour…


Wait for it…..


You know it’s coming…..


APRIL fools!!!

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Draftnik is Dr. Bill Chachkes of Football Reporters Online and He's attended the NFL Draft for three decades.

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