Low Flying Airbus A380 Scares Hell Out Of Santigo City

Twitter users are reporting the appearance of a low-flying, giant Airbus 380 passenger plane. In fact, it’s so low the aircraft is scaring the hell out of Santigo City, and causing “Airbus A380” to become a Twitter trend for the wrong reasons.

The photo shows not only how low the A380 is, but that it’s banking at a high pitch level. The tweets are mostly in Spanish, but none the less interesting with or without translation. The one message I see repeated again and again is this one:

El Airbus 380 en Santiago dando vueltas. Cómo dejan a un avión comercial volar tan bajo en medio de la ciudad!!!


“The Airbus 380 in Santiago around. How to leave a commercial airliner flying so low in the middle of town!”

And see this tweet:

En estos momentos el Airbus 380 sobrevuela y se despide de Santiago City #FIDAE pic.twitter.com/y1WjjQ2L

Stay tuned.

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