Super Tuesday: Ten States Vote for GOP Candidate

Mitt Romney
Today, March 6, 2012, is Super Tuesday. Ten states will vote and decide who they pick in their primaries and caucuses to get their delegates and get one step closer to the GOP nomination. Ron Paul has yet to win a state, but today could be his day. Newt Gingrich could possibly drop out after today. Here are the states, delegates and predictions:
1) Alaska is a caucus state with 27 delegates up for grabs. There is a good chance that Alaska will go to Ron Paul.

2) Georgia is a primary state with 76 delegates at stake. This state will most likely be won by Newt Gingrich.

3) Idaho is a caucus state with 32 delegates up for grabs. Idaho will most likely be won by Mitt Romney.

4) Massachusetts is a primary state with 41 delegates at stake. Since Mitt Romney is the former governor of Mass, it’s safe to assume that Mitt has this state in the bag.

5) North Dakota is a caucus state that is handing out 28 delegates – this state could definitely go in the favor of Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum.

6) Ohio is a primary state with 66 delegates up for grabs. This state will likely be a win for Rick Santorum.

7) Oklahoma is a primary state with 43 delegates. Oklahoma can probably be won by Santorum as well.

8) Tennessee is a primary state with 58 delegates. Tennessee will likely go to Mitt or Ron Paul.

9) Vermont may only have 17 delegates up for grabs in its primary, but it’s going to probably be a state that Ron and Mitt fight over.

10) Virginia is a primary with 49 delegates at stake – however – Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only names on the ballot. The other nominees failed to get the appropriate amount of signatures in time and therefore will have to be write-ins.

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