Religious liberty is a cornerstone of America’s founding and individual freedoms, and ObamaCare is targeting it as First Casualty.

I’ve said it all along, ObamaCare is the gateway through which the government can and will reach into Americas’ lives and touch grab choke all that’s precious to us.

Yet this is what I’m hearing during this 2012 election season:

“Michelle, ObamaCare isn’t the issue during this Republican Presidential nominee debate.”


Democrat, Independent, or Republican – If you think ObamaCare is NOT a real threat to your individual freedom, watch this.

VIDEO:  “Religious Liberty: ObamaCare’s First Casualty”


“The employers are in an impossible situation where the government is really  telling them they have to violate their own moral convictions or else basically get out of the business they’re in, and it’s an unprecedented violation of religious liberty in American life.”

“I’m not Catholic, and I’m not opposed to contraception.  I’m opposed to despotism, and that’s basically what we’re seeing here.  This has nothing to do with contraception, this has to do with whether we still have a free society.”

“[About President Obama’s “accommodation clause”] … the benevolent president Barack Obama has now bestowed on all of us that he is going to change his mind a little bit.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg … with ObamaCare.  We have handed the moral compass for some of our most personal health care decisions to bureaucrats.”

“It’s fundamentally opposed to the relationship between citizens and their government.  We are sovereign cirizens  obcare turns us into s ubjects.

“It’s up to the government to define the ends of society, and then the question of means is just a question of efficiency.  Is it most efficient to have the Catholic hospital promote ends determined by the government, or is it most efficient ot have the government do it?  The Obama administration … takes away our ability  to determine the ends of our society in any way other than politics.”

So you still think ObamaCare is “no big deal?”

It’s certainly not the only issue in 2012, not by any stretch.  But the scope and breadth of ObamaCare gives it power to eventually reach every aspect of individual American lives.  Religious liberty is only the first… more to come.

h/t The Heritage Foundation


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