Dwight Freeney’s Rolling Stone Restaurant In Hollywood A Hoot

On Saturday of a week ago (time flies) this blogger and colleagues Beverly Rivas and Tiana Patterson elected to grab grub at The Rolling Stone Magazine Restaurant located in the same Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center that hosts The Academy Awards. What followed was the totally unplanned and un-paid-for video tour of the establishment, courtesy of Gilbert Nesbitt, the General Manager And Director of Operations at Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge.

What surprised me to learn is the RollingStone Restaurant & Lounge is owned by NFL Five-Time Pro Bowl Legend Indianapolis Colts Defensive End Dwight Freeney, one of my favorite players on my favorite team other than the Oakland Raiders.

Rolling Stone Restaurant Is Huge

What shocked me about the place is that it’s huge: 12,000 square feet of space, most of it in a downstairs series of rooms, including a large, tall main event area, and very cool private bar area, and a VIP entry. Also, shockingly good is the food. It’s not the normal bar stuff you’re used to seeing and the burgers and salads are top notch and worth another visit. Plus, the food price is reasonable.

When you’re in Hollywood, pay a visit. It’s going to host a party for The Avengers Movie, so stay tuned.

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