Occupy Oakland Helps Katie Mitchell’s Loan Mod Problem With Union Bank

From this video it appears that Oakland resident Katie Mitchell has tried to obtain a loan modification on her mortgage with Union Bank for two years, without success. Mitchell was facing foreclosure on her home, then, on February 21, 2012, Occupy Oakland stepped in to help with this occupation of the Oakland Union Bank that is administering her mortgage.

For all of the criticisms I have leveled at how the Occupy Movement has went off message, this action is one that’s totally on message. The point of this video, to me, is that people can change their minds and help other people.

If you think about it, the general manager of the Union Bank makes his money, to some degree, by putting other people out of their homes. What a terrible occupation to have. What a terrible thing to do to people.

We have to build community to help each other, and perhaps this is where Occupy Oakland can make effective change.

It’s all about keeping a roof over someone’s head – who can argue with that?

Stay tuned.

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