Daniel Sutton Of News 10 Austrialia On The Help And Working The Oscars Red Carpet

Daniel Sutton is a friend and LA media local who represents News 10 out of Austrialia and focuses on entertainment. Last Saturday, we traded videos in a way, with Sutton talking to me about what to look out for during the Oscars….

And also talking about why he wanted to see The Help win Oscars Best Picture. “It’s the kind of film that tugs at the heartstrings, especially at the end,” he said. I agree with Daniel, but my days of hoping the Academy picks a movie I like are long gone because it’s too painful to see them select something else time and again. I became so into predicting what The Academy was going to do that I took my emotions out of the picture.


And, as you can see in the first video, Sutton giving me and my viewers an idea of what it’s like to work the hectic Oscars Red Carpet on Oscars Sunday.

Contrary to what I thought, the media really isn’t out on The Red Carpet with the stars; they have to stay behind the barriers that mark the media area. Moreover, there is something like four inches of space between each media place, and that spot itself is just about a foot wide itself – that’s it. So it’s a crowded mosh of media people when the ‘big show’ before the Big Show gets started.

Stay tuned.

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