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Upon taking first glance at the selection of the Oscar nominees for this great year of 2012, my first impressions were not so great.

Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but it seems to me that the films that tend to get nominated are ones based around high-society life in some way.

This makes it far less easy to maintain interest in the films and actors that the powers-that-be have chosen to present to the world as most talented. How can one put their full support behind a film if it does not have any particular story line in which one common person can easily relate to?

It makes me question why the list of movies and actors seem so stifled, yet, amidst everything else I saw that made more yawn or develop a big question cartoon-like question mark above my head, I see Brad Pitt’s name for the Actor in a Leading Role nomination.

Aside from my own personal Oscar’s politics, I believe he should win this category based on his ability, expansiveness and charisma alone. From Interview With the Vampire, to Fight Club and presently, Moneyball, who would think twice about saying he is truly one of the most masterful in any production?

He infuses all of his characters played with such energy and life, and this should certainly not go unrecognized by the committee.


By Manda

Providing the world with poetry, abstractions, and various opinions. https://twitter.com/#!/AmyAbe