Janelle the cat has a new favorite hobby: meowing.

She has always meowed, but lately it is getting a bit ridiculous.

I will be upstairs laying in bed or just upstairs on my laptop and I’ll hear from the bottom of the stairs a long MEEEEOWWWWW. I’ll scream “WHATT??” and this will just continue. She will meow, meow, meow and meow. I will shake a bag of cat treats which will get her to come upstairs, but after she gets her treat she goes back downstairs and meows.

Another instance is when I leave. When my boyfriend and I just leave for two seconds to maybe go put the laundry in the dryer or washer (less than 100 feet away) we will walk back to the house and hear MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW from the outside. We wonder if when anyone walks by our house when we aren’t home that they can just hear her meowing all the time.

Sometimes she will just start meowing randomly and I go downstairs and look and just see her staring back at me.

Sometimes it concerns us, because we are good cat owners. We will be watching a movie and all of a sudden we hear MMEEEEOOWWWW, and we want to go see what’s up, and usually she is fine.

The other day last week for a photo project Dennis had to do for class he took pictures of me on the back porch, Janelle was inside, behind the door which has glass so she can see where I am, and she kept meowing. She was staring at us and knew we were right there, but she just kept meowing and meowing and meowing.

When we are opening cans of food or eating it’s normal for her to meow and when we come home and she is greeting us or when she is hungry, but this random meowing throughout the day is really getting a bit ridiculous. I can predict though that the reason behind her meowing isn’t too serious – she is probably just seeking more attention, even though she always gets attention, but we will see how this progresses.

Here’s a video to show you what I mean:

By Nikky Raney

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