Wonder Woman Running: Gina Carano, Taylor Cole, Christina Hendricks

Gina Carano
What about Taylor Cole, Christina Hendricks, or Gina Carano for Wonder Woman?

(Before we get too far, my pick is Gina Carano, but that’s not to insult Taylor Cole or Christina Hendricks. Please read on.)

Beyond any other super hero, the one that simply must have a movie is Wonder Woman. That Wonder Woman has existed for over 50 years without a single major motion picture version is an indictment of the anti-strong-woman ethic that results in terrible scripts for our Amazon, Diana Prince.

Taylor Cole As Wonder Woman
But don’t think the entertainment industry’s not paying attention to the need for a Wonder Woman movie, and a good one.

For a time it looked like Joss Wheldon and (the late) Ron Silver were going to pull off the effort of such a movie, but Joss couldn’t come up with a good script, then Silver sadly passed away.

Now, the baton has reportedly passed to Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, who says that Christina Hendricks, who also starred in Drive, is “the perfect woman” for the role.

Christina Hendricks
But this corner says Taylor Cole and MMA Star-turned-actress Gina Carano, from Haywire, should be considered, too. Of the three, Gina Carano should get the nod because she’s already an athlete, and the comic book Wonder Woman physically looks like an MMA warrior, anyway. Both Cole and Hendricks would have to pack muscle for the role, but then it would not be the kind of fighter’s muscles that Carano already has.

Still, Cole and Hendricks have the acting chops. Here’s Cole talking with me at The Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party 2011 about NBC’s The Event, where she played Vicky Cole:

And if you’re wondering what Taylor Cole might look like in a Wonder Woman outfit, that’s the photo above. But Gina Carano just plain looks like Diana Prince. And if you’ve not seen her movie Haywire, here’s the kick-ass trailer:

Who do you think would make the best Wonder Woman? Is it Gina Carano,Taylor Cole, Christina Hendricks, or someone else. It’s your turn.