Whitney Houston’s Funeral

So basically every news network and the Internet will be streaming Whitney Houston’s funeral live. I know now that she is dead everyone is talking about how wonderful she is and all the beautiful things that she did in the music industry and in life, but at the same time there are still people who are making the jokes about crack and drugs, and there would be much more jokes being made continually if she was still alive.

It was like this with Michael Jackson as well, everyone had nothing but negative things to say about him, but once he died everyone became his hugest fan and supporter and there was nothing but positivity to be said about it.

I guess it goes to show that if you are a person who is thought of in a negative light (other than terrorists) then all you have to do is die in order to be thought of in a positive manner.
Whitney Houston had a lot of positive contributions to the music industry, but it would be wrong to just ignore the fact that she had a drug problem. She will be missed and she will be remembered not only for the positive things, like her music, but for the things that made her notorious. Everyone has done things in their life that they may not be proud of, unfortunately for celebrities those things tend to haunt them forever.

You can watch it here live

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