Julia Beverly’s Funny Chris Brown Twitter Tweets During Grammys

Julia Beverly
Julia Beverly, CEO of OZONE Magazine, and well-known rap industry media mogul, also calls herself a “professional hustler, amateur comedian” on Twitter.

Well, I’m not sure about the first part about “professional hustler,” (I much prefer “smart business woman”) but Ms. Beverly definitely has “amateur comedian” down. Julia skillfully used Twitter to bring down Chris Brown, who was in the middle of a Grammys performance, with a set of tweets that can only be called “unmerciful.” See:

Julia Beverly @JuliaBeverly
I guess you’re not watching the grammys? RT @AVocalistsRival: Why did you search dick print at all?

1h Julia Beverly @JuliaBeverly

Why did I just search twitter for “dick print” & a few million tweets came up
1h Julia Beverly @JuliaBeverly
It’s not just you. RT @ShaLiLi: Is it just me or is that chris browns dick print that I’m seeing ?!

1h Julia Beverly @JuliaBeverly
Are chris’s backup dancers wearing swine flu masks? I’m so confused lol

1h Julia Beverly @JuliaBeverly
Those are some tight jeans chris has on. I’m just sayin….

Well, that’s a taste of what it’s like to get on Ms. Beverly’s bad side, or just be Chris Brown.

Look out! Chris Brown got the Grammy for Best R&B Album.

Check out Julia Beverly on Twitter while the Grammy’s are still on! > https://twitter.com/#!/juliabeverly

Stay tuned.

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