Grammys First Half Hour

The first half hour of the Grammys have been interesting.

Kanye and Jay Z were not there to accept their award – and that always sucks. Whenever someone isn’t there to accept the award I wish it would go to someone else, someone who actually took the time to come out to the event and actually really cared, but whatever.

Everyone was saying Adele would never speak again, but she won the first event of the night and is showing off her new blonde hair. Looks like the surgery was good to her, because she’ll be performing later on.

Bruno Mars performed a song in a very classy way.

It’s cool to see LL Cool J hosting the Grammys, I have not heard much from him in years.

There was a beautiful tribute to Whitney. There are going to be so many more performances this is going to be a very memorable Grammys! This is the first one I have really watched and I am enjoying it.

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