Grammy PreShow

Well the Grammys is going to be very interesting tonight with last minute tributes to the late Whitney Houston who we lost yesterday.

The Grammy preshow is even interesting, as we have just seen Nicki Minaj walk the red carpet dressed in a red riding hood attire next to a man who appears to be dressed as the pope. Ryan Seacrest is interviewing many people talking about how they feel about Whitney being gone.
There are already multiple awards that are going out to Foo Fighters, Skrillex and Adele. I don’t understand why people like Skrillex so much, could someone please explain to me this new fascination with Dubstep?

They are covering the outfits and Kelly Osbourne is judging and explaining what people are wearing.

Taylor Swift will be performing her song “Mean” tonight! So this should be good.

The Grammys officially start at 8 pm, so about 30 minutes on CBS. Until then watch E! for the Grammy Awards pre-show live!