Pet Head: Waterless Shampoo

Regardless if you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, your cat will get dirty. Cats spend a lot of time licking themselves, but their saliva alone cannot kill all the germs that can accumulate on their fur. My roommate Craig would give my cat baths without me knowing, I’d come home and she’d be soaking wet and all sad. He wouldn’t use any soap because we don’t have any cat-friendly soap.

So, I came across this product called Pet Head and it was waterless shampoo. It was on sale at PetCo for $4, and I was there anyway picking up cat litter and food – so I thought why not try this product!

Even though it is waterless, the cat doesn’t like it any better, but it is easier. You squirt a bit into your hand and it comes out as a foam. The type I got was scented as peach and when I put my foam filled hand to Janelle’s fur she ran away. It took me about seven squirts and three tries to actually massage the stuff into her fur and have it actually clean her. It says that it is good “between washes,” but I think that this could basically be used as a substitute if someone didn’t want to wash their cat. It markets itself as being “No Rinse, perfect for frisky cats.”

However, if your cat has some claws you may not have as easy a time. Taking care of your cats claws will be the next blog topic of discussion.

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