Demi Moore is in Rehab

I’m watching E! News and a story just came on the television that is very upsetting, but could also be good. Demi Moore is seeking help – she is in a rehab center in Utah reportedly battling an eating disorder as well as an addiction problem. They played a 911 clip where someone had called saying Demi smoked something and was having a bad reaction.
I feel bad for Demi – her husband cheated on her with a young, good looking blonde – who was really a nobody, someone who was not on the social scale even remotely close to the level that Demi is on. He cheated on their 6 year anniversary, and I can’t even imagine how I’d react if I found out the love of my life who I was married to had done something so terrible to me like that – I guess that it’s more common in Hollywood for celebrities to have infidelity, but it just seems sad. The two seemed happy.

Good luck Demi!

Here’s a video from Zennie:

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