Gossip Girl Stays Strong

I read the Gossip Girl books back when I was a teenager and then years later they created a television series which loosely mirrored the books. The television series began in 2007 and last Monday was its 100th episode in the 5th season.

Gossip GirlI had stopped watching Gossip Girl for a bit, but for the past two weeks I have been on Netflix and CWTV.com catching up on episodes. This show is really a guilty pleasure, it is such a girly show, but at the same time it’s addicting and is really a sort of “fantasy land” that you can escape to when you watch it.

You can even relate to some of the characters like Blair or Serena, maybe not relate to their financial situations since they are all filthy rich, but relate to their love life and love triangles and other aspects that can be an escape from reality.
The show is great at cliffhangers and keeps viewers wanting to watch more and more. Most recently the infamous “Gossip Girl” who has remained secret the past five years has been revealed and Blair has gotten married to a man who doesn’t love her and is now running away with Dan Humphrey, her best friend’s ex-boyfriend as well as step brother.

Next Monday will be episode number 101 and I’ll be sure not to miss it.

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