Oakland Restaurant Week Ends Sunday, Video Has Almost No Blacks

This week is Oakland Restaurant Week, where a number of eateries around out town feature $30 dinner offerings – from reports, the participating places are “slammed.” For a good list of participating places, visit http://visitoakland.org/restaurantweek2012.cfm?

Or just watch this video that someone with Visit Oakland managed to make with almost NO black folks in it. C’mon, this is Oakland. I know there are some people who want an Oakland without black folks, but that’s not happening; why not leave Oakland instead of making a video like this one:

There are just two blacks in the video, two older men that you see for a split second. That’s really terrible.

I guess Oakland Restaurant Week is for whites and Asians, right? Even Pican Restaurant, which has a good African American clientele, was shown with two white women walking in. Did the producer pay them? Did he or she just hang out, and then said “Quick, there’s some white folks, get that shot, now!”

Gimme a break.

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