Last night CNN made the mistake of letting Wolf Blitzer moderate the debate. It goes much better when John King or Anderson Cooper moderate.

Last night was the Mitt and Newt show. The two just bantered back and forth about personal problems, their finances and personal things between the two of them. Mitt admitted that he didn’t know what was in his ads that ran against Newt even though at the end he says “I approve this message.” And he admits he doesn’t know where his investments go, so already he’s just giving people so many reasons not to trust him.

Since they were in Florida they had a lot of Latinos there and questions about immigration. Newt turned to Mitt and called him anti-immigrant and said he would be going into people’s homes and deporting grandmothers basically, and it was just this big debacle back and forth with Newt and Mitt over who cares about Latinos more.
No one directly answered whether Puerto Rico should be the 51st state, but Newt wants to basically colonize America on the moon, please, let’s fix our country before we try to take over the universe.

The tally for talking last night was Ron Paul spoke 16 times, Rick Santorum spoke 18 times, Mitt spoke 28 times and Newt spoke 29 times.

There was so much Ron Paul support in Florida – he’s bound to win and the debate audience clearly agreed.

By Nikky Raney

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