South Carolina Primary

Today is the primary in South Carolina and there are only four Republicans left in the race for the nomination. Rick Perry dropped out earlier this week and he endorsed Newt Gingrich. The evening after dropping out there was a Republican debate on CNN with the final four candidates in South Carolina where they did their best to win over the crowd and the South Carolina viewers.

Gingrich has yet to win a primary or caucus – and in the polls he seems to be in last place. Before him being in last place it was basically Perry in last place – so giving Newt those voters isn’t going to help him much.

South Carolina is a religious state where they care a lot about the “sanctity of marriage,” and that will not work in Newt’s favor. Newt’s personal life and marriages have been under scrutiny by the media – don’t need to go into details, but three marriages and affairs on a sick wife doesn’t really sound like someone cherishing and honoring the “sanctity of marriage.” Especially someone who wants to say that gays shouldn’t be married, but this isn’t a post about Newt (that’ll come soon) – this is just a post about the primary.

Here are the results from a CBS News Poll from today at 1:22 p.m.:

Let’s see what happens.

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