A lot goes on in this episode including a hook up stealing Pauly D’s chain [then giving it back], Jionni borrowing Situation’s clothing, Pauly D’s face peeling frokm tanning, etc, but the most important thing is what goes on with Vinny. Vinny is anxious, he has a lot of anxiety and it is taking over. He is depressed and he wants to leave, and EVERYONE is trying to cheer him up. The house is doing everything they can to cheer him up and get him to stay.

It is also worth mentioning that Sammi and Ronnie are happy. This is going to be the first season where we see Sammi and Ronnie happy and getting along – but it is only just the second episode so we’ll see.

Vinny dwells in his problems and he doesn’t want to go to the club anymore. It’s like he is on a different level than the rest of the house members. He needs to deal with his problems and he doesn’t want to party, go to clubs and drink all the time like the rest of the Jersey Shore cast.
Snooki asks him if he will stay always, and he tells her he doesn’t know. He says he no longer drinks – he isn’t in the state of mind to be drinking. While watching the audience can tell what is going to happen, but are also hoping that just maybe Vinny will stick it out.
It’s pretty selfish of us audience members really. We want Vinny to stay on the show so that we can watch him and all that when really he needs to do what’s right for him and go home. We are watching his life and he wants to be doing something else with his life other than being recorded for the world to see, especially since he is going through so much anxiety. We need to remember these cast members are people with lives and feelings, and Vinny shows how real he is.
Snooki admits that she is being selfish when she tells Vinny to stick it out and not leave. No one wants Vinny to leave. The roommates leave to go to the club and leave Vinny with Pauly in hopes that some how Pauly D can say something to get Vinny to stay.

It sucks, Vinny is such a great guy and that’s why people will miss him so much. He was the only true Italian there and he was just a stand up guy. The most respectable person on the show by far.

Vinny picks up the duck phone and makes the phone call asking to be picked up. It’s really sad. After five seasons, Vinny is done – which is why I believe that this is the final season.

Vinny leaves and only says good bye to Pauly D. The rest of the roommates are at Karma as Vinny is driven away to Staten Island and the episode ends.

The previews show Danny talking about getting a new roommate, but that seems a little unrealistic. It’s a little late in the game to add someone new.

By Nikky Raney

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