Republicans Debate Back to Back

Last night at 9 pm the Republicans debated at St Anslem College for the first time without Bachmann, and this morning at 9 a.m. they debated in New Hampshire’s capital. Two debates within 12 hours of each other – that’s a lot of debating. The debate from last night stood out more to me, but that’s probably because I was still in the wake up process as I watched this morning’s debate.

Last night I kept a tally of each time each candidate was asked a question or given the opportunity to speak. This does not include times when people interrupted one another (cough Santorum).

Ron Paul 15, Santorum 16, Romney 18, Newt 11, Perry 7 and Huntsman 10.

Last night Santorum went at it with Ron Paul, interrupting the man twice and saying he was “caught not telling the truth” when his mic started to mess up. Newt said that Ron Paul has a history of saying things that are “inaccurate and false.”

Perry said that he wants the troops to go back to Iraq.

Ron and Perry are the only ones with military background and that was brought up to Newt who is an Army brat and claims he couldn’t enlist because he had a wife and kids (oh, because he cared about wife #1 so much), and Ron Paul rebuked that he was married and had two children when he went into the Air Force.

It was quite the show and was sponsored by Yahoo, whereas this morning’s debate was sponsored with Facebook.

This morning’s debate was not as memorable to me, but I do recall thinking that Huntsman said a lot of great things: such as putting his country first:

To watch either of the debates click here.

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