Gold’s Gym Oakland: Kortney Olson FBB Workout

Kortney Olson
Ever wonder what a hard-core fitness workout looks like? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this 21 minute video, you are taken through a fitness workout session with my friend Kortney Olson, a Northern California-based certified personal trainer, model, female bodybuilder, and strong woman who’s changing how people think about women in fitness.

Oakland Gold’s Gym in Oakland, at 600 Grand Avenue, was the venue for Kortney’s workout, which she does with an eye for giving women viewers tips for their own workouts. I’ve been a member of Gold’s for about 15 years now, and back to when it was called The Lake Merritt Fitness Club. Located at 600 Grand Avenue and managed by Norris Lewis and Cory Cheatham, Gold’s is a full-service gym for both hard-core bodybuilders, and people just trying to stay in shape.

We’re joined by my friend, female bodybuilder and personal trainer Megan Avalon as well, who really just happened to be working out that day, much to our surprise and luck. Both Megan and Kortney are training for upcoming bodybuilding contests, but both also train clients. Moreover, Megan and Kortney, or “KO” as she likes to be called, are part of a growing number of “TV-ready” women fitness professionals who want to have their own fitness shows. As you can see, they’re both ready for prime time.

Here, Kortney Olsen shows you how to use the stairmaster not just to workout your legs, but your abs, too. Then, we go upstairs where she shows us how to effectively work on our biceps using a weight machine, but then also free weights, using a bench to sit on. Finally, KO takes us through a yoga-style stretching routine that’s hard to do, but once mastered will keep you in shape.

All of this is done at Gold’s Gym Oakland. It’s one the best neighborhood fitness facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. And all of this is due to the attention Norris and his staff give to members.

(I also must point out that this Gold’s Gym is also not going to be that in about a year – yep, it’s leaving the brand – and in protest to national Gold’s Gym’s CEO Robert Rowling’s actions in giving to the anti-Gay organization American Crossroads. Gold’s Gym Oakland has put out a statement that it’s not in support of the national Gold’s Gym owners giving to anti-Gay politicians and is a place that is welcome, open, and friendly to all.)

Check out Gold’s Gym at 600 Grand Avenue, next to Lake Merritt in the Adams Point District of Oakland.