The Jersey Shore cast is out of Italy and back in Jersey for season 5.
The cast goes STRAIGHT from Italy and flies to Jersey – which is weird, because usually they take a break between seasons and hang out with family, but this time they went straight from Italy to the Jersey Shore house.

Everyone kept the same rooms as last time in Jersey – so the Situation was with Ron and Sam. This episode is called “Hurricane Situation” for a reason.

While getting packed up the girls decide to take shots and Ron makes his special juice. Snooki is drinking pickle juice straight from the pickle jar, and it is quite a site to see. She clearly missed her pickles while she was in Italy.

They all go on the Jersey Shore boardwalk and visit the Shore Store to see their boss Danny. Danny comments that they are all “Vinny-colored” and the palest he has ever seen them. They will be working there for the 3rd summer and he invites them out to drinks for the following night. They accept and go ride the rides on the boardwalk and have a good time.

The next day the boys go tanning before going to the gym or doing laundry. Mike comments how them not going tanning is like end of civilization and Pauly D runs in the tanning salon screaming that he has an emergency.

Ronnie feels like he is in heaven because he can go to the gym. The boys seem very happy.

Snooki keeps trying to call Jionni, since the last time she saw himm was in Italy and that was a bad situation. She is depressed, but she looks adoable in her Hello Kitty attire. JWOWW agrees saying how much she misses Roger.

The boys go get their hair done, because they hated their Italian barber shops. Vinny got some weird hair do, it’s like a mullet, mohawk, faux hawk – a total blow out.

They all go and meet up with Danny at Hooks and people jump out and scream “SURPRISE.” Jionni is there, Roger is there – everyone’s friends and family are there to greet them and welcome them home to America. Snooki hugs her dad and JWOWW hugs her dad and it is just adorable. Snooki is crying and Deena is all excited – it’s a great moment, and it must have been a great reunion. Vinny is the one freaking out the most, he was just so shocked and crying – it was adorable. Of course, Uncle Nino was there, and he’s hilarious and amazing.

JWoww for sees drama with Jionni and Nicole. Especially since Vinny is there and Vinny had sex with Snooki. “The Unit” was there as well. And Mike is going on about how Ryder and Unit know all about Snooki having relations with Mike.

Unit and Snooki get into a “pissing match” and just go back and forth. It turn into quite a shit show – clearly they are drunk. Snooki should be trying to get on his good side not being a jerk, because Unit has information on Snooki that could break her relationship with Jionni,

JWoww asks Unit what happened with Snooki and Mike when Unit hooked up with Ryder… and Unit says he saw “everything.” Snooki starts a lot of drama at Hook and it just gets intense. JWOWW says this party is a disaster and it won’t be a good night.

They all go home and Mike is like getting naked with the Unit, and Sammi comments about Mike’s “gay tendencies.”

Snooki hides out and goes to sleep.


Ryder has hooked up with Vinny before, but now Ryder wants herself some Pauly D, and it is definitely pissing off Deena, because Deena is still in love with Pauly D. Ryder and Pauly D get in bed together and start cuddling and Deena gets all third wheel and awkward and kind of i a cock block for a little and then she gets up and leaves. Vinny is in the room and it must be weird because Vinny has had sex with Ryder and Pauly D is now going to go in for it. Ryder seems to get around at the Shore house, just saying.


Next morning Deena is making breakfast and Situation and Unit are in the living room and Snooki and Jionni come out of the Smush room, Snooki in a cute soccer jersey so you know they had a good night. It’s very awkward when the two of them walk out. Unit and Situation are humming some random song and Unit asks Jionni “what’s happening buddy?” and then as Jionni walks outside with Snooki, Situation and Unit talk about how Jionni is such a nice kid.

Snooki apologized to Unit and said she had anger problems.

Everyone is all loving, but Vinny just seems a bit out of it. He spends some time solo and talks about how homesick he is and missing his family.


That night the roommates go to Aztec – it’s impressive that there has been nothing bad between Sammi and Ronny, granted it’s only the first episode of the season, but still. It is starting off pretty well.

Vinny is in a funk, he gets annoyed at Aztec and leaves early. Pauly D leaves with him: “bros before hoes.” So they go home and sleep.

Back at Aztec Jionni is buying Situation shots and drinks – which is strange. Jionni says that Mike is a nice guy – that’s so awkward. I’m so jealous of all the Hello Kitty stuff that Snooki has.

Vinny is acting really strange and starts to talk to Ronny and Pauly D about possibly leaving, but they both tell him that it would be a bad decision.

Will Vinny leave? In the previews of upcoming episodes it shows Vinny leaving and Danny looking for a new roommate to replace Vinny.


It is a sad ending to the episode, but it gives even more reason why this is probably going to be the final season of Jersey Shore.

By Nikky Raney

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