Cenk Uygur On Current TV’s Iowa Caucus Coverage: Says ‘Uh’ Too Much

Cenk Uygur
Proud to see YouTuber Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks Show finally make it to the TV screen as he’s tried to do for several years now. His efforts first landed him on MSNBC, but Cenk’s tendency to beat-up some of his guests turned Washington DC against him, and eventually MSNBC President Phil Griffin felt it was time to pull the plug. Then, Uygur made himself known to Keith Olbermann, who left MSNBC after a celebrated tiff with Griffin, and Olbermann, perhaps seeking some weird form of revenge, brought Cenk and his Young Turks to the network.

Tonight’s Iowa Caucus marks the first time this blogger’s seen Cenk in action on Current TV and I have to say he’s, well, a little rough. Cenk’s problem is he seems to be fighting for words to say, filling in gaps in speech with the word “uh” more times than is tolerable. That, and the overall design of the set, as well as Cenk’s constant habit of forgetting he’s the moderator and not the commentator, makes Current TV’s effort look more like something presented from the basement of someone’s home (Current TV Owner Al Gore’s?) rather than a studio that’s supposed to provide alternative coverage to MSNBC.

Hopefully Cenk can get his act together and produce a better presentation.

If Cenk says “uh” one more time I’m going to hurl. He must have clocked in at 50 times for the last halfhour.


Stay tuned.

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