Who willl win the Iowa Caucus?

The Iowa Caucus is on January 3, 2012 (Tuesday), and although it is a caucus and not a primary it is still important. Caucuses are really important for the media to see how a candidate is doing, and this year it will be very important to see who wins Iowa.

Watching CNN they have been showing polls that have Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in the lead. A few commentators on CNN even said that perhaps Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry would drop out if they did not do well in Iowa. It is thought that Newt and Santorum will do fine. No one is talking about Jon Huntsman, which is odd, because he is still in the running and he has a lot of supporters. A video on CNN’s youtube shows that Hunstman is planning on focusing more in New Hampshire.

All the nominees have been hanging out in Iowa trying to gain support and we will see how that helps them on Tuesday. [Go Ron Paul!]

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