Yvette and Michael Well, Yvette Prieto was so sold on Air Jordan, she dated Michael Jordan. Now, she’s about to become Mrs. Michael Jordan.

The 48-year-old NBA and Chicago Bulls legend proposed to his 32-year-old girlfriend of three years on Christmas Day, according to a widely quoted spokesperson for Jordan. This is Mr. Jordan’s second marriage, after his 2006 divorce from his bride of 16-years, Juanita. Michael and Juanita have two sons (23 and 12) and a daughter, (18). Juanita walked away from that breakup $168 million richer.

Now, just five years later, almost six years, Michael Jordan’s ready to take the plunge again at some point (there’s no wedding date set), but who is Yvette Prieto?

As reported she’s a Cuban-American model last linked to Julio Iglesias Jr. four years ago, or before MJ. They started dating in 2008, two years after he broke from Juanita.

Yvette and Michael have become the pair in Florida, reportedly buying a house in Kendall, Florida, and seen frequently around Miami Beach.

The two met early in 2008, and this was what was reported by Wall Street News Hour:

Michael Jordan reportedly has a new girlfriend in Cuban model Yvette Prieto, according to reports by the Miami Herald.

The Herald reported that Jordan and Prieto were seen out for dinner recently at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink in Miami. According to the report, the two shared a private table in the restaurant as he had filet of mutton snapper and she had steak au poivre.

And Some Black Women Are Pissed

I thought this was a dead issue with black actress Zoe Saldana’s (Star Trek, Columbiana) husband being white – who cares – but according to comments at the blog Young, Black, and Fabulous, some sisters are busting a gut over the news about Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan. Check out this one:

I have always been a Michael Jordan fan until now. I am disgusted by this news. I don’t or can’t understand why most successful black men chose to marry white women. I have dated white men, but black athletes have taken this too far. It is almost like a status symbol to them. They complain so much about black women that happen to be their mothers and daughters. Michael Jordan need to sit his old ass down somewhere. Being with her has not helped him. He is looking kinda rough these days. Why marry her? He can continue to date her I’m sure no one else is looking at her since she is so no attractive. I hope his daughter is getting the message that black men aren’t worthy of a good black women so marry a white man. I hope his sons don’t follow in his footsteps. I hope they marry a beautiful black woman just like their mother. Their father has down graded. Juanita was much prettier. I love all people, but this is so sad. African Americans have struggled for so long included MJ’s parents to get to where they are at and for what to finally make it and give it all to a white strap that doesn’t care anything about his old, black ass, but white women can play the part to get what they want. Black women are real and have a hard time being fake to get what they want. I guess by marrying this young chick he thinks he is young again. No, his age is showing. Once she stay married to him for ten years she will divorce his dumb ass and take her money and marry a white man. See whites know how to get and keep their money among their race. I have always supported MJ as an athlete and I have always kept my son in Jordans, but never again.

I have talked to a few white female friends who ask why black women get upset over the idea that they’re “taking black men” from black women. I’ve also talked to my Mom about the issue. Personally, I find the women who make such statements to, unfortunately, exhibit their own brand of racism in other aspects of life. I’ve introduced black women to white guys, so it’s a non-issue for me. Some African American women who believe white women are taking black men from them think that being black in itself automatically counts for a reason to mate a black guy. There’s a lot to be said for having something in common with your mate, and at times skin color’s not the only factor.

And on that note, it’s important to remember that Yvette Prieto may not think of herself as “white” because she’s Cuban. So, the first idea she may advance is “I’m not white, so what’s the deal?”

That speaks to the overall process of integration and ethnic complexities. People don’t see themselves as purely “white” any more, more and more often, and a person can be Latino or Cuban and black. Or the black person may grow up “white.” A good portion, perhaps most, of my male friends have been white, and many are what one would call “nerdy,” so for me dating a white woman, really started with white girls who were into Star Trek, as I was – and I was the president of The Star Trek Club at my middle school.

In other words, a black guy dating someone white more often today has to do with commonalities than anything else. It’s not a dis on a black woman, and it’s sad that some sisters think that’s the case. They have good historic reasons to be concerned, but the good news is World society is moving toward a standard of beauty that features the black woman, so it’s a matter of time before intermarriage reflects that trend, and people are free to be with who they want to be with.

Heck, they’re only going to get divorced after a while anyway, like everyone else, so what’s the big deal?

Stay tuned.

By Zennie Abraham

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