Sarah Lacy Strikes Back Against TechCrunch With

Sarah Lacy
TechCrunch Senior Editor Sarah Lacy, who I first met when she was hanging with then-Valleywag Editor Owen Thomas, is the first former TechCrunch staffer (there are a lot of them: Michael Arrington , Paul Carr, Heather Harde, and Lacy) to actually announce that she’s going to announce a first funding round for a new venture – a tech news website called

Right now, the link to goes to a cryptic page about Pando The Trembling Giant, and features a video that has a reference to $100,000, which I take – for a number of reasons – to mean her first round of financing’s going to be in that range.

With Heather Harde now with the tag of “former” TechCrunch CEO, this blogger thinks – well, hopes – the two are teaming up on this venture. For a host of reasons – that term again – they would be an effective team. So much so, I think they could actually give TechCrunch a run for its money.

Stay tuned.

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