Chris Paul To The LA Clippers; LA Lakers Should Sue The NBA

The news that New Orleans Hornets Star Chris Paul accepted a trade to the LA Clippers and not the LA Lakers is sad, unless it’s going to be a sign-and-trade deal. It’s sad because NBA Commissioner David Stern nixed the original three-team complex trade that would have sent Paul to the Lakers, yet left them with enough cap room to afford Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard.

Chris Paul seems happy with it. On Twitter, he tweeted this today:

@CP3 Chris Paul
THANK YOU NEW ORLEANS for 6 of the BEST years of my life…to the organization, my teammates, coaches, and the …

Given the involvement of the NBA, this blogger reiterates his call for the LA Lakers to sue to the NBA for wrecking the team’s potential franchise value increase, and merchandise sales that would be realized, from such a deal.

What the NBA has done hes wrecked the business integrity of professional basketball.

Stay tuned.