As associate producer on the new documentary, #WhileWeWatch, from Director Kevin Breslin and 8com, I have had an opportunity to dive, in a face-to-the-pavement sort of way, into the new wave of citizen media. Livestreaming, blogs, free press, immediate video uploads to youtube minutes after it is filmed. Watching arrests that seem completely unwarranted from the angel of the viewer. Spending long, coffee driven nights glued to the screen watching the police raid Oakland, Zuccotti Park and various #OccupyWallSt protests globally on Livestream and UStream. Sites you should get to know, for this is where all the action is. The 19 hour days sped by like standing at the edge of Grande Prix.

#whilewewatch – Trailer from #whilewewatch on Vimeo.

“…Reality TV on steroids.” FluxRostrum of says in #WhileWeWatch.

The film takes place mostly in what was the original hub of #OccupyWallSt, Zuccotti Park, NYC. The film is so fast paced that after 40 minutes you feel like you just did 3 back to back runs at Magic Mountain.

Jesse LaGreca, The Daily Kos, says in #WhileWeWatch “What are we fighting back with… Cups of coffee and slices of pizza.?” This is the new media. True in your face reality. Brendan Burke, #OWS Finance says, “… all we see is Footage, Footage, Footage.. Footage!”

Director Kevin Breslin

Director Kevin Breslin grew up the son of writer Jimmy Breslin.
So he “sees” New York from the depths of the streets like no one I have met. Breslin sees it all. And, fortunate for us, sees it from both a film makers and media angle.

Breslin writes, “I think there is far too much police manpower for the #OWS protests. Let them go fight ugly criminals and get them off the streets. As for the cop shoving the NYTimes photographer… Let the Times yell. It is the job of the editor and publisher to address to 1st amendment rights.” More at

Last week Joey Boots, one of Howard Stern’s sidekicks, interviewed Kevin across the street from Zuccotti Park.
Meet Director Kevin Breslin.
From Joey Boots – An interview with the Director of #WhileWeWatch Kevin Breslin

Yesterday morning in the #OWS #Solidarity march on Goldman Sachs two #OWS livestreamers were arrested in #Solidary with the protesters. Justin and Lorenzo, both voices in our documentary #WhileWeWatch are young, bright, gutzy guys with an unbelievable ability to bring viewers #OWS on the spot reality viewing. They were livestreaming from the back of an NYPD van after they had already been arrested – dedication! They livestream for and If you are watching FOX news you are certainly not seeing the real story. Tune in here!

Tomorrow evening #WhileWeWatch is blazing into the new media revolution. With a team of livestreamers. Livestreaming – While the film is running at the venue, chatting it up with our Livestream audience from around the world. Then the Livestream Team will bring you inside the theatre to the Question and Answer session after the film.

Who will you see? Director Kevin Breslin and The Cast of #WhileWeWatch; Jesse LaGreca, The Daily kos; Priscilla Grim, Occupied WallSt Journal; FluxRostrum and GLOBAL REVOLUTION TV; PETE DUTRO, #OWS Finance; Haywood Carey #OWS Media;
BRENDAN BURKE #OWS Finance ; Barbara Ross #OWS Occupier and Media
Karen Kramer, Independent filmmaker/professor and more!

You may view the livestream from anywhere in the world – Wednesday 12-14 6:30pmEST – See what all the hooplah is about – Citizen media-

Trailer – #WhileWeWatch – Directed by Kevin Breslin

#whilewewatch – Trailer from #whilewewatch on Vimeo.

Karen A. Brown
Associate Producer #WhileWeWatch @WhileWeWatch
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By Karen A. Brown

Karen A. Brown is the CEO of StardustBlue Media, LLC, and a documentary film producer, and Humanity-Without-Borders’ Director of Creative Media. She writer, creative new media guru and consultant. Karen’s clients include highly acclaimed filmmakers, novelists, TV personalities, writers, musicians, enlightened entities, and intuitive people.