Say, Rick Perry, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Botched or Ignored 400 Sex Crime Cases

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Does Rick Perry care?

The news first communicated by the Associated Press is that the television-friendly Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio reportedly “botched or ignored 400 Sex Crime Cases.” And the AP says many of the cases concerned victims who were the children of undocumented immigrants, and as young as two years old.

That should put a chill on anyone seeking Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement for their run for President, specifically Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Sheriff Joe gave Perry his endorsement not too long ago, December 30th, saying about Perry “He’s out there right now. He’s not just talking; he’s doing the job. He has a lot of resources that he sent to the border.”

But does that mean Governor Perry knows about these sex crimes? Has Texas moved to solve the problem? And does Governor Perry care? Will Rick Perry reject Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement?

Let’s see if the mainstream media asks Perry, who’s gotten a real pass on tough questions from them.

Stay tuned.

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