Adding to a previous post, more information has been shed on the health of the Vikings most recent injured players.

According to Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune (@souhanstrib), and Tom Pelisserro of (@TomPelisserro), Minnesota Vikings WR Michael Jenkins suffered a torn meniscus and will require surgery. The release of this news adds more sense to a puzzling roster move executed last night. Additionally, the injury sustained by Vikings safety Tyrell Johnson was considerably more serious. It has been reported that the three-year veteran torn his hamstring tendon from his bone (seriously, that actually happens) and will require surgery and an extensive six-month rehabilitation.

Due to the severity of the injuries to Jenkins and Johnson, the team will be featuring several new faces. Mistral Raymond, last year’s sixth-round draft selection, will be starting at safety this week. Former starting QB/WR Joe Webb will most likely be getting looks at wideout as the Vikings bring newcomer Stephen Burton up to speed.

All-pro running back Adrian Peterson also hopes to make his return this week after missing a game with an ankle sprain.

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