Occupy LA: Over 200 Arrested In Raid

The Occupy Movement got new steam as over 200 people were arrested last night after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa did a head-fake, first saying on Monday that there was no timetable to clear the Occupy LA encampment, then on Tuesday proving that there was a timetable after all and ordering police to clear the encampment.

Here’s what happened on Monday, as presented by Reason.tv

Then, after a brief period of quiet, this is what happened to Occupy LA on Tuesday:

The entire scene was played out on live stream here at Zennie62.com.

joined LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and, like Oakland Mayor Jean Quan had done just over a week before, toured the LA City Hall grounds that had been the site for Occupy LA.

A Problem For Democrats

This constant process of Democratic Mayors ordering Occupy Movement encampments cleared is producing a problem for us Democrats: it places Liberal against Liberal, and at a time when the Liberal base must solidify before the 2012 Elections. It’s taking more money to clear these encampments then would have been spent had they been left alone. It’s hard to justify spending millions for police action and comparitively little to nothing on the problems the Occupy Movement has not only addressed, but actively worked to help solve by providing free food and clothing to those who have nothing – at least that’s what Occupy Oakland did.

It’s time for us as Liberals to find a new way to address the Occupy Movement. The long term potential impacts of this approach aren’t good at all.

Stay tuned.