Occupy Oakland Website Down As Of 11:23 PM PDT

For some reason, the website at the URL http://www.occupyoakland.org – the online home of the Occupy Oakland movement – is down. To be more specific, this blogger discovered that not just the home page of the website, but a number of pages revealed after a site search using site:www.occupyoakland.org were showing up as blank white space.

UPDATE: Occupy Oakland site up now.

To be sure, this blogger tried to access the Occupy Oakland website using a number of browsers, but the same result occurred: white space pages.

A check of Twitter Tweets as of this writing at 11:23 PM PDT shows that no one communicating about Occupy Oakland activities is aware of the website’s condition.

Occupy Oakland Helps On Thanksgiving Day

Overall, Thanksgiving Day was to be a time for those in the Occupy Movement in Oakland to help others less fortunate. But just because the organizers tried to bring in portable toilets, but lacked the proper permits, Oakland police intervened. The result was an avoidable skermish and the arrest of two protesters who were trying to stop the police action of blocking the installation of the portable toilets.

This is where the Oakland Police failed. The Oakland cops should have tried to assist the event organizers in obtaining permits for the use of the portable toilets, or at least not played the whole deal “by the book.” After all, it was Thanksgiving Day.

The incident gave rise to a new set of YouTube videos like this one.

Meanwhile, Occupy Oakland, as if now, is without a true website home.

Stay tuned.

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