Megyn Kelly Of Fox News Explains Pepper Spray Comments

Fox News Megyn Kelly has come under heavy fire from blogs like this one

Megan Kelly Gets Pepper Sprayed
… after she appeared on Monday’s The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News to say that the pepper spray used by UC Police Officer John Pike wasn’t all that bad, and said it was “a food additive.” Megyn made it sound like she could eat pepper spray herself, and indeed, there’s an online petition going around that seeks to have her do just that.

But it turns out Ms. Kelly says she was misunderstood, and that viewers did not see the entire four-minute broadcast. She told the blog TV Newser…

“[O’Reilly] wanted me to tell him what is in pepper spray, so I told him what the active ingredient is. That’s all I meant to convey… not that I meant it’s a snack! I think what happened was people didn’t watch the whole segment and assumed I was diminishing it. In no way did I mean to diminish what was happening. As I pointed out to [O’Reilly] moments later, I told him it was abrasive. And I told him that what these kids were doing was very American. I think it would be clear if you watch the four minutes of TV.”

The problem is that Megyn Kelly’s choice of words didn’t reflect her feelings about pepper spray, which she told TV Newser she uses. So, because Kelly’s on a giant stage on Fox News and leftists and fans hang on her every word for different reasons (and sometimes the same ones), when she makes a comment about a controversial event that seems to rubber stamp that action which made it of interest, her words become viral.

Gotta watch that, Ms. Kelly.

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