Mitt Romney, Flip Flopper, May Pick Kelly Ayotte, Flip Flopper For VP

Kelly Ayotte
Kelly Ayotte
Well, how is this for the blind leading the blind, or more appropriately like picking like: Former Governor Mitt Romney said he’s considering selecting New Hahmphire Senator Kelly Ayotte as his GOP Vice Presidential Running Mate.

That makes a lot of sense because like Governor Romney on health care reform, Senator Ayotte is a known flip-flopper, in her case, on Global Warming, gun control, earmarks, and (drum roll, please) heath care.

Democratic Hub has a great breakdown of some of Kelly Ayotte’s flip flops, excluding Global Warming. On Global Warming, her head-fakes were classic:

Here, she denies Global Warming:

But later, here, she says Global Warming is a real problem.

She’s managed to ride this flip-flop tactic into the Senate – are you paying attention.

Just who is Kelly Ayotte?

Stay tuned.