Occupy Oakland – Mayor Quan Tells Of 18 City Collaboration

In the wake of the law enforcement clearing of Occupy Oakland from Frank Ogawa Plaza on Monday morning, and the news of similar actions in Portland, Denver, New York, and other cities, come the previously unknown news that the events were the result of an 18 city collaboration.

The deliverer of that news? Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

On a BBC interview, Mayor Quan said she was “part of an 18-city” collaboration that centered around a large conference call to all parities.

That explains a whole lot.

It explains why it seemed the same message was being blasted by mayor after mayor around the nation. Constantly repeating the words “the encampment caused a heath issue” (or words to that effect) on television in city after city served to grab the overall communications message away from the Occupy Movement, and replace it with a narrative which says that the Occupy Movement is chaotic, dangerous, and dirty.

From the looks of things now, the strategy seems to have worked.

More on this later.

Stay tuned.

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