Occupy Portland 3,000 Cleared, Occupy Oakland Next?

Occupy Portland was forcebly removed after an order by Portland Mayor Sam Adams was given to clear the encampment at 12 midnight Sunday.

A TODAY Show post reveals that the action was the third of a number of similar ones planned by West Coast Mayors, seemingly after consultation with each other. This one drew 3,000 protestors and supporters; the police arrived, but the size of the crowd was too much; eventually law enforcement moved in after the crowd thinned out.

Thus leading to the questions: Is Occupy Oakland next? And just how many people will show up?

The Portland action followed removals in Denver and Salt Lake City, and wasn’t without the police / protestor clashes that have come to mark the Occupy Movement, as this series of videos below shows, the first one from action at 1:41 AM Sunday morning, when riot police moved in.

And here, Occupy Portland protestors are holding a candlelight vigil.

This video gives a clear view of the clashes between police and protestors:

An update, a tweet reports that over 200 people still remain near the encampment:

@chapmanclark Chapman Clark
Around 200 people down at occupy Portland rallying right now. Small, indignant, lets march! @occupypdx @occupyportland
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Stay tuned.

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