Couples, Don’t Grind Dance Sex In A Black Guy’s Face!

Couples, Don’t Grind Dance Sex (To Orgasm) In A Black Guy’s Face!

This is based on my experience this evening with a couple, where the guy decided to push his girlfriend toward me to dance. There was no one around me, so they started to grind dance with her back on my shoulder. So I asked if there was room for me, and if I could grind-dance with her, too! He said “Oh, no. Sorry,” or words to that effect.

Then, later, they were back at it again, but on my right. So, after putting up with the couple for a bit, they started basically having dry hump sex. So I yelled “Are you trying to have sex in front of me because I’m a black guy?!”

That’s stopped it. Right there. They left me alone.

So, the point is, couples, don’t even think that it’s OK to openly grind dance in a black guy’s face. It’s not – it’s rude. Plus, I will say something and I just might even dance along with you.

Just saying.

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