Occupy Oakland Live Stream On UStream.tv

A video blogger named OakFoSho is running an Occupy Oakland Live Stream now, today, Saturday November 12, 2011. He’s covering the activities of the day, even as the encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza just received its second eviction notice from the Oakland Police, and for the second straight day.

He says that UStream.tv set them up “for free” and are some “really down people” over there at USTream headquarters. He said that the reason UStream dropped in was that on the night of the police raid on October 25th, 35,000 people saw his live stream of the happenings, as broadcasted via his cell phone. So, the UStream people saw that, and worked to set Occupy Oakland up with a brand new system. The first one for the Occupy Movement.

So far, it’s attracted over 200 views. Right now, the live stream focus is on a teach in.

For UStream this is more than a good-will effort; it’s business. If the Oakland Police and Alameda County Law Enforcement take action against the encampment, with so many people just waiting for them to do it, the result would be an online event with as many viewers as that for some cable television shows.

Stay tuned.

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