Miami Marlins Rebranding A Good Move

The Miami Marlins are the new name of the Florida Marlins, and to this blogger, even if the new uniforms, revealed via a Twitter leak after a marketing event held by the Marlins on Friday, look more like something Speed Racer would wear, welcomes the change. Because now, the Marlins, which are located in and impact the Miami Metropolitan area, do act as if they serve their city.

There’s no shame in a sports team supporting the town its located in. Why some organizations elect to avoid doing that is, more often than not, a bad statement. In the case of the Miami Marlins, the name it had implied that for some reason it was ashamed of being associated with the great city of Miami.

And it’s a logical change given that the Marlins will play in a brand-new baseball stadium – something to be noted with all of this talk of recession when U.S. GDP has only grown. That team owner Jeff Loria would spearhead such an investment at this time is welcome news. And to match that with this timely name and uniform change is a stroke of genius.

As the video explains, 59 percent of the employees for the stadium project are from Miami / Dade County, and 29 percent from the City of Miami itself.

As Loria said “It’s about Miami. It’s the coolest place ever. Miami has a certain flavor.”

Now, the uniforms, in my view, are not the greatest in design. They look not just like something Speed Racer would have, but also something that a Miami bartender might wear. Just saying.

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