Herman Cain’s New Ad

Let’s just analyze this new ad that Herman Cain has on Youtube for his Presidential Campaign, because last night on Anderson Cooper there was an analysis of this by both sides and neither thought too favorably of it.

The ad has a man, Mark Block, speaking about Cain’s campaign and how there has never been a campaign like it, and at the end there is a shot of him taking a long drag of his cigarette and smiling – then goes to a shot of Herman Cain SLOWLY smiling. It was rather creepy to be honest.

Cooper discussed and debated whether the cigarette smoking being included was an accident or intentional, but you’d think that someone wouldn’t include that. It’s not very professional, and yes people smoke cigarettes, but we remember how much flack Obama got for smoking, and even though this isn’t Cain – it’s an employee, maybe it’s supposed to appeal to the American people and show the average American, but smoking a cigarette is not “cool” and it just doesn’t look good in a campaign.

We will see if this hurts or helps the Cain campaign.

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