Jersey Shore Italy Finale and Reunion

Last night MTV decided to play the Jersey Shore Season Finale for Italy and the Reunion Show for Italy back to back, and both seemed like they were lacking. I don’t even remember the host of the reunion talking to JWOWW.

The finale wasn’t as interesting as the reunion – so I will focus on the reunion, but before I do…in the LAST episode the finale all the cast members give an article of clothing to the pizzeria to put on a clothe line, and of course Deena gave her thong & Snooki gave a bra.

The reunion included a very “annoying” back and forth with Situation and Snooki – where Situation had the wittier remarks of course, but he was just such a jerk. And then they went on stage together and watched footage where JWOWW said, “There’s three sides to every story. Mike’s side, Nicole’s side and the Truth.” And Snooki took that out of context and started mouthing off and swearing at Jenni saying how she is such a bad friend and that a real friend wouldn’t say that and how her Meatball was the only one who was real to her.

The Meatballs are so annoying. Snooki and Deena got to watch a video montage of their Meatball antics and it was one of the most annoying things that I ever allowed myself to endure. The two of them together is amusing yes, but also very annoying.

There was also a video montage of the infamous bromance: Vinny and Pauly D. It was actually quite beautiful and entertaining.

The whole thing just makes me really want Season 5 to come out so I can see how everyone acts back in Jersey. Oh yeah, and for those who were concerned: Situation will be in Jersey, he made his mind up.

Sneak Peak of Season 5!

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