Good Day Atlanta Uses Breast Cancer Story To Get Web Traffic

This was shameful. Just plain awful. Good Day Atlanta just ran a segment on Janae Veal, a 30 year old Alanta breast cancer survivor who talked about how she’s recovering, making breast cancer sexy, and looking forward to serving her personal trainer clients. Fine story.

Except that at the end of it, Beth Galvin, the Fox Atlanta Health Watch Reporter, talked about Janae Veal’s blog and then said “If you want to read her blog, go to to see it. (Note, the link to the Fox Atlanta website was not installed.)

Beth Galvin
That just sent this blogger through the roof. All Ms. Galvin had to do was say what the URL (er, web address) of Janae Veal’s blog was! If a person wanted to send a note or donate to help her with medical expenses, Good Day Atlanta just blew that possibility to hell!

Instead, you have to go to the site, and then try and find this near-needle-in-a-haystack story among all the flotsam on the page, then scroll through the story, and then find the link.

Which doesn’t even tell you Janae Veal’s blog URL.

Here it is with a link:

Here’s wishing Ms. Veal a speedy return to full health, and shame on Beth Galvin, Good Day Atlanta, and Fox 5 Atlanta itself for trying to use her unfortunate but uplifting story to gain more web traffic.

Bad. Real bad.

Fortunately, now, if you Google ‘Good Day Atlanta’ you’ll find out about Ms. Veal’s blog! At least for a day or so, or more!

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