Dan Wheldon Dies After GoDaddy Indycar Crash at Las Vegas Speedway

This is the most awful racing crash his blogger has ever seen. The Indycar Crash at Las Vegas Speedway took the life of Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon, and involved 15 cars in total. The race was just Wheldon’s third one in all of 2011.

According to reports, the crash started when, according to Dario Franchilli, who was in the race with Wheldon, drivers started to do, “some crazy stuff.” Franchitti said “I could see within five laps people were starting to do crazy stuff. I love hard racing but that to me is not really what it’s about. One small mistake from somebody…One minute you’re joking around in driver intros and the next he’s gone. He was six years old when I first met him. He was this little kid and the next thing you know he was my team-mate. We put so much pressure on ourselves to win races and championships and today it doesn’t matter.”

Dan Wheldon, who was from from Buckinghamshire, England, started his racing career in karts against against Anthony Davidson and Jenson Button.

In 2005, Wheldon became the first English driver since Graham Hill to win the Indy 500.

Wheldon was just 33 years old.

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