Herman Cain Weighs in on Occupy Wall Street Protests

GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain has always prided himself on being a business man and not a politician, and he is going back to defending the big business and verbally attacking the protestors at Wall Street.

LA TimesOn CBS’ “Face The Nation,” he called the protestors “jealous” Americans who play the “victim card,” and he even went on to say they want to “take somebody else’s” Cadillac.

There have been a lot of comparison to the Wall Street protestors and the Tea Party protestors – saying that the Tea Party is more refined and respectful, and the Wall Street protestors are just rude and rambunctious.

A couple students that I go to school with are actually there in New York this weekend filming the protests and that will be quite interesting; I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say and hopefully seeing the footage that they captured.

Generally the Democrats have sided more with the Occupy Wall Street protests, and a lot of them are now going to protest this weekend in Washington D.C. (This includes one of my professors).

Here’s a video of Herman Cain calling the protestors “anti-American:”
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