New iPhone 5 By Apple – What’s The Story?

So Apple’s about to introduce the much anticipated iPhone 5 on Tuesday morning at 10 AM (and not at Moscone Center, but at Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino). What’s the deal?

Well, that Apple’s not holding such an incredibly important event at Moscone Center in San Francisco is a big deal in itself. Moscone Center has been the place for such Apple events for well over a decade, but apparently not under the regime of new Apple CEO Tim Cook.

As for the other iPhone rumors, Matt Burns at TechCrunch has a decent roundup of all of them, from a thinner size to a larger screen and a better camera.

But what Matt misses that other news sites have pointed to is something this blogger is much in favor of: longer battery life.

The iPhone’s energy use is such that this blogger regularly carries an AC adapter for those moments when a recharge is totally necessary, which seems to be more often than not. If the current iPhone lasts for six hours it’s either a blessing or due to very little use – a rare event. The ability to get three more hours of life out of the iPhone is more than welcome. But even with that, the AC adapter will still be kept in the pocket, just in case.

Stay tuned.

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