Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Scandal: Break In Case Coming

According to a very good source, a break and possible arrest is coming “soon” in the Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Scandal.

As covered at, Scarlett Johansson took several photos of herself in the nude, one of them sent to this blogger was of her obviously using a cell phone camera to make a photo of herself.

What’s not clear is what Scarlett Johansson did after she made the photo. It seemed to this blogger that it was much like the Anthony Weiner scandal, where Congressman Weiner was at fault, but called in the FBI to investigate. That’s what happened in the Scarlett Johansson scandal – the FBI was called in.

But, according to my source, it doesn’t look like the Weiner scandal from that perspective. But it does from the perspective of her taking a nude photo of herself using a cell phone camera that could have then been used to distribute the photo.

This video by Next Media shows what happened, to a degree:

What’s clear is that Scarlett Johansson should stop taking photos of herself using a cell phone – she should use a Flip Video Camera. You can’t hack a Flip.

Stay tuned.

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